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Mar. 3rd, 2006 @ 11:20 am
So did we lose our forum (on clawguard)?
When I've tried to go to it for the past couple of weeks, I have not been able to access it....
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GW Holiday Stuff Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 10:39 am
It looks like our regular guild forum is down. I cant seem to get to it...? I keep getting a microsoft search page instead.

But anyway I just wanted to pass along that I heard GW added the Christmas/Holiday update late late last night. (Curse that laundry monster casting sleep on me so I didnt get anything done last night and was fast asleep long before the update. -_-)

Rumor has it that they may be giving out Christmas hats sometime while their holiday decorations are up. I wonder when. Hope I can be online to get one. Now I'm going to have to be checking GW every few hours while I'm away over the holiday. lol.

Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone! Hope I see some of you around during the GW holiday events. ^_^

aka Lana Idorian
aka Rhina Kurrami
aka Lady Anahbird
aka Nokar Daston
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Goodbye LJ! May. 17th, 2005 @ 07:09 pm
Hey everyone! I just set up a brand-new forum for us, on hosting provided by Invictus/Velius/that-PvP-officer-dude.  I'm still working on getting some of the features enabled, but they're just window-dressing (avatars, attachments, and stuff) - the forum is fully-operational and ready to use.  So go, register, and have fun!

Here's the link - http://clawguard.8m.com/cgi/mwf/forum.pl
(To bookmark the forum, right-click on that link and select "Add to Favorites..."/"Bookmark this link..."  Otherwise... well, there's a long explanation, but it just won't work right.)

PvP builds and strategies May. 17th, 2005 @ 12:02 pm
OK, there may be another post that discusses builds but I think its been buried. We've learned a lot in the past week or so of PvP battles so lets share our builds and strategies. This is the character I'm going to use in our next battle:

Ranger/Mesmer (Healer's Paradox)

evenly distribute points into:
Wilderness Survival and
(more into marksmanship and wild survival if necessary)


1) Poison arrow (E)
2) pin down
3) hunter's shot
4) debilitating shot
5) troll ungeant or healing spring
6) Empathy
7) Backfire
8) Rez signet or throw dirt

The idea with this one is to find the enemy's healer. This could be a good build to call shots with if you're focusing on healer-bashing! Once you find the healer, put backfire on him, then use debilitating shot and poison arrow. If he tries to run, use pin down and hunter's shot. Meanwhile, the rest of the party can finish him off easily. At the least, it will keep the healer so busy with himself that he will not have energy left to help his team!

While this is going on, keep an eye on your party's healer. If warriors break through the lines and are after your healer, put empathy and throw dirt on them (have to sacrifice rez for this though). If they run to chase the healer, do the same as above: pin down, hunter's shot and poison arrows if you have the energy. If the warrior turns to you, use troll ungeant, keep empathy on the warrior and duke it out, with your good armor and the healer free to help, it shouldn't be a problem to at least hold him off until you get help.

I haven't tried this in play yet but I could see energy management being an issue for which I would use one of those zealous strings with a quick shortbow to get some energy back and maybe use druid's armor for the extra energy.

This build would fit in nicely with about 3 other tanks, a couple primary healers, and whatever else.

Any suggestions?


P.S. I have too much time on my hands with these standardized tests we're giving in school this week. Hehe :)
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PvP and GvG Practice Schedule May. 16th, 2005 @ 03:36 pm
Hi all,

I'm planning on doing PvP practices each weekday (Mon - Fri) from 8pm - 10pm EST and weekends as time permits. Initially, we will meet at the Guild Hall then go from there. Depending on how many individuals show up and how well its going, it may go well beyond that time. The purpose of this is as follows:

- increase our level and efficiency of cooperation in a PvP (and ultimately) GvG environment through multiple practices. In turn, we will learn which classes we perform best with and with which teammates we're best suited.
- recruit further pvp members into our guild
- increase our camaraderie within the guild and get to know one another. Sure, we're in the same guild, but I'd like us to be a pretty close-knit guild.
- increase our knowledge of the game's Pvp and ultimately GvG maps, therefore increasing our chances of victory by way of established strategies.

That's not to say that I'm strictly a PvP person by any stretch of the imagination. My ultimate goal is to blend PvP and PvE time. By that, I mean that since I plan on 8-10pm EST for PvP practices, I'd like to play from 10ish until whenever to further my PvE character to unlock further skills for use in the PvP and GvG contests. I highly suggest anyone interested in PvP to do the same, if at all possible. I'm more than willing to team up with other guild-members to do this!

My primary PvP character is named "Velius Fenlorn". I will probably create another shortly, but for the time being, I'll stick with him.

Obviously, attendance is anything but mandatory, but I think the PvP/GvG coupled with the excellent PvE aspect of the game certainly completes the game's enjoyment factor. This is just my opinion, mind you :).

In any case, I hope to see you on the battlefield!

aka Invictus aka Velius Fenlorn

"Either this or upon this". - Unattributed Author, said to be a Spartan mother's words to her son on giving him his shield.
Other entries
» how to post
I received an e-mail asking how to post and I'm realizing this is the most un-intuitive posting board I've ever seen. I'm sure there are better ones out there that don't cost anything. Can we look into changing? Actually if I have time today, I will look around and see if I can find some links.

edit: here is a link of links to free message boards - have not filtered through yet: http://www.thinkofit.com/webconf/hostsites.htm#cheapbbs

It looks like we've changed our main page but still using this one for forums, so I vote we find a forum site that most people can use.

Anyway, here is the response I got to my question of how to post, hope this helps...

(ladyofdrakes) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

Their reply was:

Subject: Re: how to make a new entry?
On your live journal page you click on "update journal". At the bottom there should be a drop down menu that says "post to" and should have the name "ares416" and "wind_riders" listed on it. Choose "wind_riders" to post to the community. If you don't have "wind_riders", you're not a member yet. Follow this link to see how to join: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=101
Hope this helps!

When it says, "your live journal page", you have to log in (assuming you are a member), then you roll the mouse over the "journal" tab and update will appear. Click on that to get to journal update page.

» Guild Picture
Here is a link to the guild picture we took last week. It sucks because I had to shrink it down a whole lot to fit the server upload limit size... So if you know of a better photo host, let me know...

The screenshot was originally 2.5mb and I had to shrink it down to 1mb for this server... but here it is


~Lana Idorian~
» testing post and PvP
This is sort of a test post to see if I'm doing it right. This is definitely the most challenging board site I have visited! Maybe there could be a faq on how to post for people new to livejournal?

Anyway, I'll use this post to ask how the PvP battles are going? I was in one a couple weeks ago when I was new to the game and had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea about called targets and other strategies. It was the most exciting part of the game so far though. I have a level 14 in lion's arch now and I've opened up lots of skills that I'd like to use in PvP battles. Do we have a set time for these or should I just get on and ask people if they're PvPing?

Are there any builds that are needed for battles? I've opened up a bunch of ranger, mesmer and monk skills that would seem to help in battles. I especially like the mesmer skills. I'm working on necro and warrior now.

Also, can you bring a PvE character into PvP battles? If so, they would be a lot more powerful with the right weapons, armor, etc. Or are the battles we're doing a seperate part of the game?
» Welcome!
Welcome to the LiveJournal community forum for the Wind Riders guild!  If you're a guild member and this is your first time here, please take a moment to join us (you'll have to create a LiveJournal account to do this, but it's free).  After you've done that, here's a few threads you should check out:

Guild officers and guild info - who's driving this thing, anyway?

Introductions - get to know each other

Guild Wars resources - culled from the huge community of Guild Wars fansites (as soon as I get it finished ^^; )

After that, you can go browse all the old threads here, and feel free to make a new post if you've got something to talk about.  And most of all, have fun!
» Resources!
There are many, many, many fansites out there with GW resources, so how do you decide which one to go to for the info you need?  Simple answer - you don't.  You come to me, your Voice of the Wind, and if I can't answer your question directly, I will point you in the right direction.

Out of all the fansites, these are the ones that I think are the cream of the crop.  They are also all classified as either Elite or Official Fansites by ArenaNet.

The Guild Hall - Elite Fansite
My #1 stop for all things GW, TGH has one of the best forum communities I've seen.  While the pages on their main site may be a bit outdated (especially the armor and skills ones), regular forum users have banded together to produce constantly updated lists of armor, collectors, skill locations, and more.
  • Guide to Pre-Searing Ascalon - listing of all skill quests, non-skill quests, and armors you can get from collectors
  • Skills in Post-Searing - ongoing listing of all skill quests you can get after the Searing
  • The Map Project - high-quality labeled maps of ALL missions and explorable areas
  • Tombs Strategy - I know a lot of you have been running Tombs quite a bit lately, so here's some strats you might want to think about
Guild Wars Online - Elite Fansite
This site also has a very thriving forum community, but I just don't have the time to monitor two forums while I'm at work. (And their forums seem to be down at the moment...)  However, they do have some very useful guides on their front page.
  • Crafting 101 - a very complete introduction to all the aspects of armor and weapon crafting
  • Conditions - a list of the various conditions your character can suffer and their effects
  • Progression Guide - how to make the most of your RP character
  • Salvage Guide - list of materials you can salvage from monster drops

Guild Wars Guru - Official Fansite
This site is one of the best-organized and best-designed I have ever seen.  Everything is arranged categorically within the main categories on the navigation bar.  However, many of their sections are currently closed for renovation due to all the changes implemented between the last beta and release, but they should be back up shortly.

  • Builds - repository of user-submitted character builds
Photics - Elite Fansite
A monthly GW webzine, most of the older issues are, sadly, made obsolete by the game's release.  The newest issue, though, answers quite a few common questions that I'm sure have been plaguing some of you.

That's all I've got for now.  If you have any other questions, just reply to this and I'll do my best to answer them for you.
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